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COLLATE is an on-demand household services booking app.

We are building an ecosystem where homeowners, tenants, property agents

and household service providers are connected and are able to engage each other

directly and efficiently. This will help improve efficiency in hiring reliable merchants

and arranging for appointments with the service providers.


Transparent pricing, coupled with a customer-rated review system will help our customers

make informed decisions on the best service provider to hire on-demand.

Rigorous vetting measures are in place to ensure that we partner with

trustworthy merchants  in various household service industries.


Through COLLATE, merchants enjoy an extended reach to new customers.

They are able to promote their services, display advertorial posters, 

accept incoming booking requests instantly that will increase 

productivity and sales. We also welcome professionals to join us

as sales agents for our telecommunication and electricity retailers.

Our Mission

We strive to be the best platform that connects home owners, tenants, property agents and household service providers, supporting them to manage their household chores and to transition seamlessly from one home to another.

Our Vision

To create value for society by building innovative services that solve real-world problems and make a positive impact on our stakeholders' lives. 

Our Values

Do the right thing. Be responsible and accountable for your actions. Be honest and respect each other. We adopt a zero-tolerance policy towards fraudulent and dishonest behaviour.


We exist to serve all of our stakeholders - customers and merchant partners. We will treat everyone equally. We shall stay humble, be ready to listen to feedback and continuously improve to create a great customer service experience for everyone.



The only constant in life is change. We shall embrace technology and make full use of it ethically to improve how we work. We look at opportunities first and not at the hurdles that we need to overcome.



Being on time is a basic courtesy. It embodies discipline and responsibility. Unforeseen circumstances can derail plans but the onus is on us to plan ahead and communicate with our customers.

Job titles don’t matter. Every effort we make is significant. We shall be proud of what we do, and do the best in whatever we do.



We are looking for the right investors to grow our business.

If you believe in our vision and what we are building, drop us an email at

to find out about the investment opportunities that await you.   

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