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Expensive electricity bills?
We are here to help.
Start saving on your electricity bills by making the switch to your preferred electricity retailer today.



Launched islandwide since May 2018, The Open Electricity Market is an initiative by the Energy Market Authority (EMA) that allows you to enjoy more choices and flexibility when buying electricity. You can benefit from competitive pricing and innovative offers from the various electricity retailers. 


With the Open Electricity Market, you can:

  • Purchase electricity from an electricity retailer at a price plan that best meets your needs.

  • Continue with SP Group at the regulated tariff. No action is required if you choose this option.

Start saving up to 25% off your electricity bill when you make the switch from SP Group today.

SP Group's regulated tariff rates fluctuate every quarter and are in general 10%-20% higher than what the electricity retailers offer.

Regardless of who you buy your electricity from, your electricity supply will stay the same. This is because SP Group will continue to operate the national power grid and deliver electricity to everyone.

See how it works!

See how it works!

Yet to make the switch?

Why spend more on electricity when you can get the same electricity at a cheaper rate?

Get the best deals via COLLATE.

Simply download our app and book a sales agent for a consultation visit today.

Alternatively, you can also find out

more in advance by requesting for email consultation via our app.

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