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Arguably the best invention.


Especially for us living in a hot and humid climate. In order to work at its best,

your air-con buddy needs regular servicing.


Hire the best merchants to make sure your air remains cool and fresh!











Air-con systems requires regular servicing for them to remain functional. Regular servicing will help prolong its lifespan and prevent breakdowns that will be more costly to resolve.


During the servicing, besides checking the system for any anomalies, they will also thoroughly clean the unit, including fan blades, filters and drainage pipes.

A chemical wash involves the use of chemicals to clean all the internal components of the air conditioning unit by dismantling its inner parts, including the condenser, filters, and evaporator coils.


This is a more comprehensive cleaning procedure than a regular servicing and it's best to have a chemical wash performed once every twelve months to make sure your air-con performs as if it's brand-new again.

If you have been using your air-con for a long period of time without servicing, they may need a chemical overhaul to restore their performance and functionality.


Chemical overhaul also helps clear water-leakage issues and your air-con unit will cool the room effortlessly while consuming less power, helping you to save on your electricity bills. It also helps prolong the lifespan of your air-con too.

If you are facing problems such as not being able to turn your air-con on or there's severe water-leaking, some parts in your air-con may need replacement.

You will need an air-con technician to do an on-site troubleshooting before he can perform a problem diagnosis and offer some solutions to resolve the issue. 

See how it works!

See how it works!

Let us help you stay cool

Get the best deals via COLLATE today. Simply download our app and book an air-con servicing merchant.


We recommend using us to buy the annual servicing package which is extremely useful for tenants who need to service their air-con unit quarterly. COLLATE will send you automated reminders via the app to book your next appointment quickly and easily.

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